Our features will help you make the best choices when purchasing art, whether you are a design professional, a landscaper, an architect, a corporation representative, a serious collector, or you are looking for art for your home or office or as a gift for someone else.

The Main Features are listed on the left of the main page and along the top of the subsequent pages and give you the ability:

  • to Visit Our Shops and shop by browsing.
  • to Search for a very specific type of art such as an acrylic painting on canvas at a specific size, color, subject and price and more with our advanced search engine in Select and Buy Art.
  • to save your Favoritesas you browse artwork for review before purchase and to see Our Art in Your Room which you can post and then print or e-mail to your friends or clients.
  • to list your collected artwork for resale and directly negotiate with interested buyers with no commission to the gallery in our Artwork Exchange.
  • to learn more about our artists in Meet our Artists and find artists to commission to create artwork Made Just for You, your clients or your corporation
  • to make a gift of art, jewelry or crafts when you don't know what to buy by giving a Gift Certificate .
  • as an artist when you commission BuyArtworkNow.com as your agent and list your work under Exhibit Your Art. You get wide exposure of your Artwork locally, nationally and internationally. This site is focused on meeting the needs of the art seeking public: corporations, interior designers, landscapers, architects, new homeowners, and collectors.