Are You Looking for Something Special? Handmade, Original Artwork for You or your Home or Office? Visit our Shops:

Wall Art Shop
This shop contains any form of artwork that hangs on the wall: paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media; drawings in pencil, pastel, or ink; collage; printmaking including wood block prints, monotypes and monoprints, drypaint, etching, lithograph, mesotint, silkscreen, stencil, chine colle, cyanotypes, serigraphs, linocuts, digital prints and more; photography including black and white, color, sepia or cyan, digitally altered and mixed media; digital artwork, mosaic, weavings or tapestries, reliefs, assemblage; wall hung sculpture, and more.
Sculpture and Mobiles Shop
This shop features various types of hand made sculpture and mobiles: Wood carved, bronze castings, stone or marble carving, fabricated metal, recycled materials, found objects, clay, hydrocal reliefs, free standing or wall hangings mobiles and more.
Fiber Art Shop
This shop contains fiber arts such as: Unique artisan scarves and shawls in silks, wools, cottons, felt, recycled material scraps; hats; rugs; weavings and tapestries; quilits; hand made pillows; designer clothing; purses; applique t-shirts and jeans, and more.
Jewelry Store
This shop offers unique handmade jewelry made from the following: Gold, silver, copper, zinc, beads, natural pearls, semi-precious stones, leather, recycled materials, glass, tiles with personal photographs on them of you, your pets or special memories you captured on camera.
Crafts Shop
This shop offers original work such as: Glass platters, plates, cups, spectacular bowls; clay craftwork handcrafted and kiln fired; metal work, creative chandeliers and table lamps, carvings, and other crafts.
Gift Store
The store offers small sensational gifts such as: Original poetry books by local poets, sensational origami, Altered Barbies, scarves, belts, decorative pins, feather, silk and dried lasting and reusable floral arrangements, cards, prints of original artwork, and other highly unusual and engaging lower priced items good for gifts.
Garden Art Shop
This shop offers a selection of out-door artwork and handmade garden furnishings such as: Sculptures, fountains, benches, hand-carved gates, mosaics, table tops in metal or mosaic, wall sculpture, recycled and fabricated garden art and murals created just for you.