If you are looking for a unique piece of art to give as a gift or to dazzle your friends and associates, one of our artists can create something just for you
Here are some ideas:
Portraits: Choose from paintings, drawings or photography. Our artists can create the perfect piece for home or office.
Photography: We have photographers available for family portraiture and to capture special moments at a family event.
Fine Art: Original custom paintings and prints of special things or places can be commissioned, such as a painting of your home or a Favorite landscape.
Holiday Wreaths and Table Center Pieces (Floral Art): Custom designs in silks and dried flowers that can be used from year to year.
Fiber Art: Including scarves, unique hats, weavings, rugs, wall hangings and handmade clothing.
Gift Items: Origami, "Altered Barbies", cards, calendars, scarves, pins and other items.
Crafts: Custom created pottery, mosaic, glass works. Have bowls, vases, cups or serving plates custom designed.
Murals: Have a custom mural created by one of our artists, for interior or exterior in paint or mosaics.
Garden Art: Select an artist to create a fountain, outdoor sculpture, metal or mosaic wall hangings, hand designed metal gates and fencing, garden tables, benches, kinetic art and more.
Pet Art: Have one of our artists create a custom portrait of your Favorite pet. Or give a gift to someone who would love a portrait or humorous rendering of that special animal.
Special Projects: We can assist you in creating your special idea or gift through professional consultation with our team of artists and artisans. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you with your special ideas. buyartworknow@hotmail.com