There are four sections on this page: (Just scroll down to see them all.)
  • My Saved Projects,
  • My Sample Room,
  • My Room Art and
  • Instructions for placing you own room in the sample room section.
My Saved Projects (We put two samples here so you can see how they work until you save your own projects. You can click on them and they will replace the sample main picture in the middle of the page.)
  • Living Room
  • Living Room 2
My Sample Room (This sample room can be used to view various works you clicked it to "see in my room" as you viewed them on this site. They are stored on below under My Room Art.)
Save Your Project
Title it and describe it here then save it. It will appear above in the first section on this page for further use later. You can print this or e-mail it to your friends or clients for review and comment.
Title of Project:
My Room ArtGo to My Favorites    Go to My Room Art
(There are a few sample images we saved so you can try this section even if you did not yet save any of your own selected art. If you saved art to see in my room then that is here too. Just click on one of the images you like, scroll up and it will appear in this sample room. You can adjust it's placement and you can see how it fits the scale of this room which is 10' high by 20' wide. If you are registered, you can save this room with your selected art to the above My Saved Projects or e-mail it to yourself or client.)
Instructions for placing you own room in the sample room section; (You need to register to load your own photo of your room. Follow these instructions after you have photo'd your room. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and you are on your way.)
  • If you haven't already logged in, register and log in and review and sign the Terms and Conditions for use.
  • Go to My Favorites where you saved the art that you liked through the Select and Buy Art or through browsing our shops.
  • Upload your room image. Take image straight on - not at angle.
  • Click on any of the images from My Favorites section at the bottom of the page and it will be shown on the room automatically
  • Now you can drag that image anywhere on the room.
  • You can place any number of images on a room.
  • Save combined image as a project, name your project, give a brief description and save it.
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