BuyArtworkNow.com has three types of Memberships to choose from:

  • Visitor/Consumer
  • Artist/Lister
  • Collector/Lister


You can visit this site anonymously to browse the artwork listed.
To take full advantage of the site's features you must register. The following features are available through the free visitor registration:

  • The Shopping Cart for purchasing artwork
  • My Favorites to save artwork that you find
  • Art in Your Room for personal or professional communications
  • Made for You for special, one of a kind commissioned art.
  • Artwork Exchange to purchase art through postings by collectors

To connect with our Artists and contact our Collectors who list Artwork on the Artwork Exchange, you must register.
To register go to Register and follow the easy registration process. There is no fee to be a member or to register and have full access to all aspects of the site.


To list your artwork on our site, please register as an Artist. Go to My Account and follow the instructions. Registration will allow you to use any part of the site. After registering go to Exhibit My Art and Select the package you want.

  • Individual Listings: There is a fee of $10 for listing each work on this site for a period of 12 months. Up to 25 listings.
  • Full page of Listings: List an entire page of 25 images and receive a discount of $50.00 for a total of $200.00. The twelve months period starts from the date your listing is approved and posted on the site. When a piece sells you may replace your sold piece for the remainder of the listing when the listing is removed. (There is a three month period where sold items are displayed as sold, if any time remains on your listing you may replace the sold piece after that grace period ends)

How to Register

  • Select your package
  • Fill out the registration page
  • Pay the required fees
  • Upload your artwork and complete the required information for proper posting and pricing of your work.

Any work placed on this site is consigned to EGI (Expressions Gallery, Inc) for a period of 12 months from the official posting date for each individual image. (See your post date on your account page under "My Packages" as the submission date is different than the date the work is reviewed, accepted and posted)
See Artist Terms and Conditions for terms of sales commission with BuyArtworkNow.com

You may opt in on selling prints and cards or your work: In addition to selling the original artwork listed, you can authorize EGI to make and sell prints and Greeting cards. If you would like this option please email us at buyartworknow@hotmail.com and we will send you the specs for this option .

EGI reserves the right to publish the image of the work for the purposes of advertising and promoting services provided by BuyArtworkNow.com. EGI reviews submitted work and curates the website and has the right to refuse to accept or display any work submitted.

Artist Page: Each artist will be given a page on BuyArtworkNow.com where they may display up to 25 images at any given time. How many works will be allowed on the page is based on the package purchased.
Each image will have a label describing the title, artist name, medium, dimensions of the work and price. Upon enlargement of the image, the enlarged page will also have the artist's bio. The artist page will also require submission of an artists bio in the format provided herein. It is the artist's responsibility to submit the bio in the requested format for posting.
If an image is sold, artist may add another image in the same slot after the sold art is removed. Sold art is left up for display for three months after the art is sold. Artist page will contain a biography of the artist that is supplied by the artist in the format requested.

Sales processed by EGI: Any work selected by a visitor/consumer for purchase will be processed by EGI. Required sales tax will be added to the purchase price. The shipping is calculated by the shipping company when the artist ships the package and the buyer is notified of shipping costs at that time.
BuyArtworkNow.com will provide on-line credit card capability to consumers for purchasing items.

Shipping: Once the item is paid for, the Gallery will notify the Artist to take the Artwork to their local shipping company (FedEx or UPS) for shipping within two weeks of sale. The Artist will be given the mailing address provided for the item and contact information in order to give it to the shipping company so that the shipping company can contact the buyer to determine how they wish to have the item shipped. The shipping company will determine the cost based on the on the weight, size, distance, estimated value of the work, the cost of insurance, and the cost of wrapping and packing the item. The item must be wrapped and packed by the shipping company to assure loss coverage in case of damage or loss. The type of shipping (air, 2nd Day, ground etc.) will also affect the shipping costs.


To list work that you own on BuyArtworkNow.com, please register as a Collector/Lister. This membership will give you access to all parts of our site.

  • Go to Exhibit My Art and select and pay for the package you want under the Collector Section.
  • You may list individual pieces for $25 each for twelve months.
  • Buy a page and display 10 pieces for $200 for twelve months.
  • Sign the Collector Terms and Conditions.
  • Complete a Certificate of Authenticity when you upload each of your works and a label and pricing information for accurate posting. If you know the name of the artist, you should also try to include a biography of the artist and some information about how you acquired your artwork and when it was acquired.

You are responsible for your own sales: Visitors cannot get access to your contact info without registering with us. Your contact information will be available on the Certificate of Authenticity page and visible after they register. The Collector handles the entire the transaction. Shipping is the responsibility of The Collector. There is no commission due to EGI and the sale is directly between the collector and the buyer and the only fee is the listing fee. We do review the work submitted for listing and the Certificate of Authenticity before posting. The six months start as of the date of posting, which you can see on your account package page.
EGI has the right to refuse to list any work that is submitted and to return the listing fees.