Use as a Customer and Buyer

In order to use the unique features of the site (Art in Your Room, My Favorites, etc) or to purchase art a visitor must register and start a Free visitor/consumer account with BuyArtworkNow.com.

Limits of our liability regarding accuracy, authenticity, availability, medium, size, orientation, or other aspects of artworks displayed on our site or listed in our search engine is dependent on the accuracy of the information given to the website by the artist or collector. All work is the property of the artist or owner and may not be copied, or used for any purpose other than as artwork and is protected by copy write, trademark or other rights of the original artist.

Processing Sales and Sales Taxes

Sales can be processed on-line using a credit card. You can also call Expressions Gallery and pay over the phone with a credit card or send a money order. Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price paid. Once a sale is made and funds are received, that sale is final. Sales taxes are included in the sale of any product according to California Sales taxes for Alameda County.


Once the item is paid for, the Gallery will notify the Artist to take the Artwork to their local shipping company (FedEx or UPS) for shipping within two weeks of sale. The Artist will be given the mailing address that you provide for the item and your contact information in order to give it to the shipping company so that the shipping company can call you to determine how you wish to have the item shipped. The shipping company will determine the cost based on the on the weight, size, distance, estimated value of the work, the cost of insurance, and the cost of wrapping and packing the item. The item must be wrapped and packed by the shipping company to assure loss coverage in case of damage or loss. The type of shipping (air, 2nd Day, ground etc) will affect the shipping costs also. Shipping artwork can be quite expensive and sometimes as much as the cost of the artwork you purchased. If you live nearby, you may arrange with the gallery to pick up your work.

All Sales Are Final

Once purchased, all sales are final. There is no return policy. Please be aware that digital display of artwork is not always true to the exact color. Size given is the framed size if the work is framed. Some art is framed and/or matted and this should be indicated in the description. Frames and matting are not pictured and are included in the price. You can remove and reframe any work once you own it. If you decide that this is not what you wanted, we can provide you with a six month free listing and have you re-list the artwork as a collector and sell it to someone else.

Damage in Shipping

Any problem with the work that occurs during shipping is between you and the shipping company. Inspect your package upon delivery and immediately call the shipper to file a claim or file a claim immediately with the delivery person if there is a problem.

Use of My Favorites Section

To use this section you must register. Then you may save in MY Favorites Section any images that you like for further review. These images must not exceed a total of 25 at any given time. These may stay on your Favorites page for up to 6 months and then they will be automatically removed.

Use of Our Art in Your Room Section

You must register to use this section.
Once registered you may upload digital images of your rooms and other spaces taken straight on. These will serve as the background for any images you have saved in the My Room Art function, which is found next to the My Favorites function when you are viewing artwork you are interested in saving for further consideration.
It is your responsibility to set the size of the room and the artwork will upload to the size it is in relationship to your room's described dimensions.
Works are sold as they are described not necessarily pictured. All work is pictured unframed but many works are sold matted and framed. Please pay careful attention to the descriptions and dimensions. Dimensions are given as to the overall size of the work as sold. If matted and framed the work is described with those dimensions.
All dimensions are presented with the vertical side first (height) and the horizontal side second (width) and if three dimensional beyond the typical frame with the third dimension (depth) last. Label your finished work and then click on save. These will stay on our site for 6 months and then will be automatically deleted.
You may also save the compositions you create once you place our art in your room to show to others. This too will stay on the site for up to six months.
You may delete images sooner if you like and replace with others.

Use as an Artist

Listing your work on our site requires you to register with accurate information as to how we contact you and to keep us apprised of any changes in contact information as long as your work is listed.
It also requires your completion and online signature of an Artists' consignment agreement describing your and the websites responsibilities and commissions.
You are responsible for accurately describing your work by completing the necessary listing forms. You are held responsible regarding description of your work accurately when describing any aspects such as the authenticity of origin, ownership, medium, size, orientation, archival quality of your work, price, etc. Any deception or inaccuracy will be your responsibility.

We provide you with instructions for submitting images of your work for listing as follows:

  • All work is to be digitally photographed and submitted as a 72 dpi image with no side larger than 6". The image must display the work as it is to be sold. Please indicate whether the image is matted and/or framed.
  • Photo straight on so that the image is not on an angle when viewed. If framed and in glass or plastic, avoid sending photos where the flash or a reflection covers some of your work. You may bring in your work for photographing if you cannot do this. If you choose to do this, you will be charged a small fee for the photography.
  • If you do not provide the photo, then you are releasing EGI of any responsibility of how the image is presented.

Listing Artwork

  • It is the artist's responsibility to correct any errors requested by EGI prior to our listing of the artist's work.
  • Listing fees must be paid before listing is activated. Work stays on the website for the time paid and then will be removed. The artist may extend the time of listing by payment of the next period's fees.
  • Shipping to the client is paid by client who purchased the work. Shipping work is the responsibility of the artist

BuyArtworkNow.com (EGI) responsibility for processing artwork after a sale:

  • We will notify the artist of a sale immediately after a sale is completed
  • Payment for sale of work will be sent to the artist after the buyer receives the artwork
  • Taxes will be paid for sales by EGI where applicable.

Our right to offer customers prints of your original work, or to offer work matted and framed or unframed is granted if you check those boxes on your listing forms. We will have the prints made and sent to the clients. You give up the right to select or review the print, matt or frame unless we request that of you.

Use as a Collector

  • When listing your work on our site it is your responsibility to describe accurately, the ownership, origin, artist, age of work, whether signed or unsigned, archival value, size, orientation, and keywords for searching for the artworks listed.
  • You must register, complete and return a signed listing agreement and provide payment of listing fees before listing is placed. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes in contact information.
  • You must submit a digital photo of the work you are listing that conforms to 72 dpi and no larger or smaller than 6 inches on the largest side.
  • When submitting a work for listing, you will complete an official Certificate of Authenticity and are confirming the accuracy of the listing and that you own and/or have the right to sell or trade the work.
  • It is your responsibility to contact and complete the transaction with the buyer in a timely manner.
  • We do offer you the ability to use our credit card and shipping service. It is your responsibility to pay any taxes on items you sell and to notify us when an item should be removed from the listing.
  • The website has the right to refuse listing your artworks. If accepted, the Term of listing will be 6 months. You may renew for another 6 months.
  • Your work will be dated from the date listed not the date received for review. Once accepted, all fees must be paid before listing is placed on the website.