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Kateryna Dronova

Categories Photography
Kateryna Dronova was born and grew up in Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine. Her early artistic endeavors were influenced by high contrast of industrial urban landscape and picturesque nature of Dnipropetrovsk region. She continued her education in Kyiv, where she perused a legal career. As a student, she was a member of «Antresolia» Arts Studio. Later on Kateryna’s profound interest in human rights studies has brought her to Budapest, Hungary. This period has given her a deeper insight into the modern trends in European art and culture. In 2012 Kateryna has moved to Berkeley, California. Although, Kateryna did not have any formal artistic training and was a self-taught artist, she decided to reflect and share her experience by painting. Her works are inspired by diverse and abundant nature of Northern California, as well as nostalgia for her restless motherland. Being armed with the unabated support of her sister Iryna and invaluable guidance of Prof. Charles Sullivan, she dared to get one step closer to her dream of becoming an artist and an illustrator. The range of Kateryna’s preferred media includes pencil, watercolor, ink, acrylics, oil.

Gwendolyn Gardner

Categories Photography

Gwendolyn Gardner is a native New Jersey, a Singer, Dancer, Sculptress, Print- Designer, and Actress. Resided in Northern California since the early 70's.Fine Arts graduate Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. taught and encouraged to work in several media. A force of imagination, creative openness of new challenges was the central role in art making, and this carry-over allows my entire senses and free artistic style to flourish. Sharing my vision with the viewer in mind has transcended into something quite personally and meaningful as an artist, I find a true freshness that's so passionate in Nature, which imbues vibrant colors. The every changing color formations in the skyline is electrifying. Grasping a snippet of this building of shapes, painterly art forms, rhythmic texturing of surfaces in my sculptures, 2Dimensional, an aim in making of artwork at its best. I'm motivated and positive to channel doing just that through hard work and determination. There are many talented and down to earth artists out there, whose creative works inspires me in my growing discovery of developing an unique area of storytelling. Love of humanity is profoundly magical, and handling material and improving techniques makes quality art that appealing to the eye, heart and soul...

Melanie Hofmann

Categories Photography

Melanie Hofmann lives and works in Berkeley, CA,. She has loved viewing and creating art since she was a child.  She has a degree from California College of the Arts in Textiles. In addition to her hand painted and printed fabric pieces, Melanie has ventured into the digital realm with her photographic, video and image transfer work. Melanie has a collection of seven works of digital art in the corporate collection of Lifescan in Milpitas. She has been the featured artist in several corporate lobby exhibits curated by William Torphy, an art consultant. Melanie is currently inspired by the hummingbirds in her backyard that have provided lots of opportunities to photograph them when they are sitting in a tree, feasting on flower nectar, or playing in the fountain. She also ventures into the field to photograph hummingbirds in other Bay Area locations. 

Jessica Levant

Categories Photography

"Unexpected views of the ordinary - Ordinary views of the unexpected"

While my art comes from my camera, I don't consider myself as much a photographer as a photo artist.  I leave it to others more talented than I to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge or Niagra Falls.  My talent, so I've been told, is in seeing things differently, and capturing or creating what I see.

When I look around me, I see colors, textures, shapes, juxtapositions and possibilities. I capture what I can with my camera, and sometimes stop there. More frequently however, I begin playing with color and fantasy to create something more that what I captured mechanically. I love working with digital processes, manipulating color and light, transforming one shape into another, etc. Much of my inspiration comes from painters, probably Hopper and Thiebaud more than others.  

I have lived in London and New York and am now back where I started in San Francisco. Though I've been creating art since I was a child, I spent most of my adult life in non-art careers. I began defining myself as an artist in the 90's when I started a graphic and web design business, pulling together my art interests and my fascination with computers. In the last few years, my passion and developing skill with the endless possibilities of digital manipulation have finally taken me into the joyful world of fine art.

Several of my works have received Awards at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery where I have had pieces in over two dozen juried shows. My work has also been exhibited at the Still Point Online Gallery in Maine, Misho Gallery and The Artist Alley in San Francisco, the Twin Pines Art Center in Belmont, at the Expressions Gallery in Berkeley and the CK Gallery in Piedmont. I participated with 3 other photographers in a group show in San Francisco's North Beach in 2011 and have had three solo shows at the Bay View Boat Club in San Francisco, with another scheduled for 2013.

Rachel Liu

Categories Photography

Rachel Liu (b. Qingdao, China) is a project-based artist and fine art photographer who specializes in traditional and alternative photographic capture and printing methods, ranging from antiquated 19th century processes to contemporary experimental and mixed media techniques. Rachel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s working method varies from project to project. She has produced large-scale landscapes and figurative works, as well as one of a kind installation pieces that blur the boundary between photography and sculpture. 

Rachel Liu received her MFA degree in Photography in 2015, and she is currently working and living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Visit her website at: http://rachelliu.photoshelter.com

Charles Lucke

Categories Photography

Charles Lucke lives in Hercules, CA. He began borrowing his father’s cameras while growing up in Stratford, CT, and has been a freelance photographer since the 1970s. He added a darkroom to each of five consecutive residences, and though he shoots mostly digital today, he continues to mine an inventory of thousands of slides and negatives for images to exhibit. His first solo exhibit, “Four Ways to Abstraction,” was on view at the XZIBTit Gallery in Hercules for two months in 2007, and in July 2008, the Hercules City Council awarded him First Place in the first annual Hercules Photography Contest. Charlie’s inspirations include Hugo Steccati and Ruth Bernhard, who, though their work is very different, were both creatively involved in photography to the end of their long and interesting lives. Regarding his interest in abstract photography, the artist states: “There’s a desire in me to create something that no one else has created (or at least, not precisely the way I have created it.) It’s a way to free the form and change it from a visual reality to an unreality. It’s a way to free the process from the precise reproduction of tone, colors, and forms and let the right brain reign.” Charles brings to us visions of nature we all wish to preserve.