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Miriam Abramowitsch

Categories Fiber Art

Miriam Abramowitsch was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, the daughter of a concert pianist. Following in her father's footsteps, she devoted her life to music and has experienced a long and fulfilling career as a singer and teacher of voice. She has also had a lifelong love for color, style and texture (as a child she wanted to be a clothing designer).  Three years ago, having never before attempted any visual art medium, she became interested in felting and took a number of classes at Deep Color in Kensington.  Since then she never looked back and has been creating and selling her colorful felted scarves throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  The artist states:  Felt is created by the alchemy of wool fiber with warm water and pure olive oil soap to produce a versatile material that ranges from spider-fine and soft to thick and strong, depending on its intended purpose. I design my scarves in a number of different ways.  I mostly use a blend of wool and tencel fiber, which produces a soft, crinkled, shimmery effect.  Right now I especially enjoy creating playful latticework scarves in a riot of different color combinations, and felting a variety of shapes and colors onto lengths of silk chiffon or hand dyed habotai silk.

Melanie Hofmann

Categories Fiber Art

Melanie Hofmann lives and works in Berkeley, CA,. She has loved viewing and creating art since she was a child.  She has a degree from California College of the Arts in Textiles. In addition to her hand painted and printed fabric pieces, Melanie has ventured into the digital realm with her photographic, video and image transfer work. Melanie has a collection of seven works of digital art in the corporate collection of Lifescan in Milpitas. She has been the featured artist in several corporate lobby exhibits curated by William Torphy, an art consultant. Melanie is currently inspired by the hummingbirds in her backyard that have provided lots of opportunities to photograph them when they are sitting in a tree, feasting on flower nectar, or playing in the fountain. She also ventures into the field to photograph hummingbirds in other Bay Area locations. 

Suzanna Klein

Categories Fiber Art

Suzanna Klein has been living in the East Bay for years. She was born and raised on the East Coast. She graduated Goucher College in 1966 and then studied at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts 1968-69. She was employed as biological illustrator through the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut; she illustrated Womenfolk and Fairytales, published by Houghton Mifflin, 1975. In 1976-9 she worked, at Faunus Furniture, Berkeley. She has been in various small shows and open studios. Suzanna studied with Roland Worthington and did many paintings in acrylics and oils, made small plaster objects and recently completed a ten year stint of digital painting. Working on the computer awakened her desire to make "hands-on" projects; this has led her into fabric work...weaving and most recently needle-felting. She is experimenting with converting her digital images into a softer, felty medium.

Joanie Mitchell

Categories Fiber Art

Joanie Mitchell was born in Ohio and educated in New York and London.  She has had a traveler’s life and as she went about, she drew the world. She writes of her art ‘I was the master of the quick sketch and with a few lines I captured the markets and temples of India, Balinese ceremonies, the rainforest of Hawaii and Peru.  And when I came to long for color, I found the art of batik painting. I found batik, or batik found me.  It was in a little Balinese guesthouse that I first saw the dye spreading to meet the golden lines of wax, and I was determined to learn all about it.  I started to study in Java with Umar Hassidin in the batik city of Solo, Java, and continued my work at the studio of master batik painter, Ketut Sujana in Ubud, Bali.  For fifteen years I have created batik in Ketut’s studio. I also made oil paintings and continued to follow my original passion for line drawing. Joanie has exhibited in Bali, Hawaii and Northern California and her work has appeared in magazines and books, including several collections of drawings and writing for the SEVA Foundation.

MajBritt Mobrand

Categories Fiber Art

Maj-Britt Mobrand lives in Berkeley, CA but was born and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden.  As a little girl, she saw her grandmother’s loom in the attic and was very intrigued by it and knew she wanted to master one of those.  She has taken weaving classes both in Sweden and the U.S., but is for the most part self-taught.  She has been teaching weaving here in Berkeley since 1968.  Some of the juried shows she has participated in are U.C. Berkeley and Live Oak Art Galleries in Berkeley (1969); Artist League of Vallejo Gallery (1975); Olive Hyde Art Gallery in Fremont (1988); and Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland (2006 and 2008).  She has also participated in many Open Studios and has shown her work at various local venues and as a result has weavings in many private collections. Artist states:  “I enjoy using traditional weaves and patterns in a non-traditional manner and am striving to find a harmonious balance between the natural and the artificial or planned.  My inspiration is derived from music, mainly jazz, nature, travels, and from my students.  It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm of my students as they develop their projects on their looms after I’ve given them the ‘know how’.”

Lately I have also started weaving tapestries from my granddaughters watercolors.