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Rinna B Flohr

Categories Holiday wreaths

Rinna B. Flohr lives in Oakland, California. She grew up on the East Coast in New Jersey and New York. She graduated from Syracuse University with a B. A. in theatre arts and a Masters of Social Work. She also completed a Certificate in Psychodrama at the Moreno Institute of Psychodrama in New York. She received her license as a clinical social worker and for 37 years she worked as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice and as Deputy Director of Mental Health for Alameda County; Director of the Center for Special Problems, San Francisco Community Mental Health and Assistant Director for San Francisco County Behavioral Health Services. In 1991 her house burned down in the Oakland fire, which led her to study Interior Architecture and Design in order to rebuild her home. She completed the program at UC Berkeley in 2001. With an interior design degree she started Design Ideas and she began doing remodels and designing new interiors that later led her to staging and floral design. She studied floral design with Ron Morgan. Her floral designs were part of the Bouquets to Art Show at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco in the past and she was a member of the San Francisco Museum flower committee. She also makes jewelry from recycled materials left over from interior design projects and later from other found objects such as found rubber from inner tubes of tires or cement from building sites. She was President of San Francisco Women Artists in San Francisco, one of the oldest women

David James Mintim

Categories Holiday wreaths

 David Mintim graduated from The California College of The Arts in 1990 with a BFA in Painting. In 1998, he began to work in the medium Glass Fusion. He works out of  Studio One Art Center (part of Oakland Parks & Recreation) as a Glass Fusion Lab Monitor since 2000. Now he is influenced by documentary films of Jean-Michel Basquiat, and British graffiti artist “Banksy”. David is a member of The Firehouse Art Collective and respectfully shows his art work through public events of the collective and at Firehouseartcollective.blogspot.com

His work represents a spontaneity and transition of abstract expressionism spawned from oil painting into glass fusion. Cutting and assembling a collage of changing colors and textures of compatible glass allows him to express forms at a different approach from painting. Glass has an unpredictability when high firing several times, which gives David new vision on how to proceed between each firing.

The body of David’s work is a consistent twenty five year span of some personal experience and free spirited thought that reflects art for art sake.


Daniela Nikolaeva DaNi

Categories Holiday wreaths

A Bulgarian-born artist, working in Berkeley, CA, DaNi has over 20 years of experience in drawing and painting and has exhibited internationally in Italy, France, Czech Republik, Bulagaria and USA.

Her darwings and paintings have won sevaral awards: Grand Prize winner at Summer Pastel Challenge, a US national competition for professional artists, A Trailblazer Award from the Art Institute of Cailfornia - San Francisco, honorable mention at 2010 Summer Pastel Challenge competition, Best of Show at Jazz and Gouache Festival, Lyon, France, and others.