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Sola Aina

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Sola Aina.Residence in Oakland,Grew up in Osogbo Osun State Nigeria,became interested in art right from childhood in Osogbo Osun State,Trained under Jimoh Buraimoh,Creator of Beads painting in Africa and formal training in Osun State College of Arts & Design,His areas of specialty entails Beadwork,Paintings,Traditional Tie & Die (Batiiks),Mosaic Murals & Cutural Dancing group,Some of his Solo Exhibitions were at (University of Illinois in Chicago, Tittled (Reclaiming Our Treasure).

Since moving to California,he had exhibit in couples of Galleries and belongs to Pleasanton Arts leagues and Expression Arts Gallery in Berkeley,He is currently had some of his arts piece on display in Pleasanton public places.

daniel altman

Categories Portraits

my bio is on file at the experession gallery

Maya Britan

Categories Portraits

Birth Place: Tel-Aviv, Israel. Birth Date: April 17, 1956
Media: Oil and Acrylics on Canvas.
Working Skills: Graphic Artist painter, Computer graphics & design, web site builder, production movie set designer and fashion design. As a psychic clairvoyant and metaphysical developer of ancient symbolism & numeric based languages, she created The “I Am ONE” Tarot Deck. ISBN 0-943832-33-0 Includes the Tarot Art work, graphic layout and text book.

All Copyrights Reserved to www.saint-art.com 2013

Self education. Started to paint with oils at the age of 14 while living in an artistic community in Israel among several professional painters, where exposure to many art styles, later determined her own art versatility and originality.

Recent Art Shows

2012 January The “Gallery 114” Portland, OR.
2012 September The Gallery Zero Portland, OR.
2012 October The Gallery Zero Portland, OR.
2012 November The Gallery Zero Portland, OR.
2013 March Motorcycles Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2013 Solo Art Show at "The Gallery Zero" Portland, OR.

2013 Group show at the gallery "The People Art Of Portland" Portland, OR.

Published Work.
1. “Old Love Charms & Spells” book by Tarostar & I Am (Maya Britan).
ISBN # 0-943832-26-8 Publisher International Imports – copyrights 1999
2. The “I Am ONE Tarot” deck ISBN # 0-943832-33-0 by Saint-art.com  Copyrights: 2002.
3. Graphic design for a large line of “perfumes & candles” distributed by Indio Products Inc. Copyrights 2001
4. The “I Am ONE Tarot” is now published in “The Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV”. By: US. Games System Inc.

Ann Marie Marie Davis

Categories Portraits

Ann Marie Davis is an artist and poet/writer residing in Oakland, Calfornia. She was born in Berkeley and has been a lifelong resident of the city. She often intermingles various disiplines in her work. She works in digital collage, pen and ink, acrillics and oils, and has a background in graphic art. She often looks to find reminents of the natural world in her urban surroundings. 

Ann Marie\\\'s work is inspired by the notion that if there is a god, she is both the earth and heavens, the marterial and the spirit, that they are intermingled, as is the dream and the dreamer. 

Carol R Denney

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Carol Denney is an artist, writer, and musician born in East Los Angeles who is well known as a political activist. She is the founder and editor of the Pepper Spray Times, curator of the Deep Poetry Project, and is the Human Rights Editor of Street Spirit newspaper. She works in pen, ink, acrylics, and watercolor.

Fred Harb

Categories Portraits

Name: Fred O Harb

School: SFAi

City:San Francisco

Practice: Drawing/Painting