Georgia Bassen, who "never met a process she didn't love" grew up in New York, Seattle and the Bay Area, In high school she worked intensively with a local painter and at 17 went off to Smith College to major in art. There a scheduling problem led her into a philosophy class, eventually into the Ph.D. program at Berkeley, and to teaching human rights, logic and critical thinking at Cal State Hayward. While teaching part time, she went through the CSUH studio art program and from there to an MFA at San Francisco State (1991). She worked in ceramics, (Leslie Ceramics prize, 1986) painting (with Mel Ramos, Ray Saunders), bronze casting, sculpture (Stephen de Staebler), set design, and digital art. For the past 5 years she has been making jewelry, working with Hadar Jacobson in Metal Clay and investigating the endless possibilities of digital imagery.


POOL, Urapan
Georgia Bassen
Digital Prints, Giclee
20"x18" $350
TRIO, Capacuaro
Georgia Bassen
Digital Prints, Giclee
22"x20" $300
FIESTA, Capacuaro
Georgia Bassen
Giclee, Digital Prints
48"x41" $850
Window: After Paul Klee
Georgia Bassen
Glass, Other Glass Art, Mosaic
16"x26" $950
Red Sea Green Rough
Georgia Bassen
Digital Prints
16"x20" $140
Copper Moon Pin
Georgia Bassen
2.5"x1" $45
Handmade Pin or Pendant in copper silver and garnets
Georgia Bassen
metal, Semi Precious Stones
2"x1.25" $125
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