Tina Curiel, born in 1991, is an environmentalist and student by day, artist by night. Tina grew up in the hills of Lafayette, California. Her grandmother noticed her artistic talent at a very young age, and consequently, she spent hours painting and drawing in her grandmother's studio before the age of five. Being her biggest influence, her grandmother would take her to zoos and wildlife centers where Tina spent hours sketching the animals. This is also where she gained a passion for preserving endangered species.  Today, she prefers mixing her own paints from pure pigment and linseed oil, and she continues to spend hours photographing animals at zoos, and researching endangered species for her paintings. Tina is a sophomore attending California College of the Arts, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in drawing and painting.


Tina Curiel
Mosaic, Oil
48"x36" $1200
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