Gwendolyn Gardner is a native New Jersey, a Singer, Dancer, Sculptress, Print- Designer, and Actress. Resided in Northern California since the early 70\'s.Fine Arts graduate Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. taught and encouraged to work in several media. A force of imagination, creative openness of new challenges was the central role in art making, and this carry-over allows my entire senses and free artistic style to flourish. Sharing my vision with the viewer in mind has transcended into something quite personally and meaningful as an artist, I find a true freshness that\'s so passionate in Nature, which imbues vibrant colors. The every changing color formations in the skyline is electrifying. Grasping a snippet of this building of shapes, painterly art forms, rhythmic texturing of surfaces in my sculptures, 2Dimensional, an aim in making of artwork at its best. I\'m motivated and positive to channel doing just that through hard work and determination. There are many talented and down to earth artists out there, whose creative works inspires me in my growing discovery of developing an unique area of storytelling. Love of humanity is profoundly magical, and handling material and improving techniques makes quality art that appealing to the eye, heart and soul...


Bright Future
Gwendolyn Gardner
Pastel, Pen and Ink
9"x11" $150
Spiritual Coming
Gwendolyn Gardner
15"x12" $200
The Second Coming
Gwendolyn Gardner
Pen and Ink, Pastel, mixed ...
9"x12" $300
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