Silvia Ledezma was born in San Francisco, California, lived and traveled throughout Mexico. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and holds an M.A.in Design / Visual Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.  The artist attended the California College of the Arts in Oakland California and received a B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts.  Ledezma currently serves as an Art Commissioner for the City of Richmond.  She also became a Journeyman Carpenter and Scaffold builder. Currently the artist is interested in Photography and Jewelry making. She states: “As a Visual Artist, the way I create a piece of jewelry is by choosing color and form or sometimes current events and trends or by Ancient Civilizations aesthetic. I combine my skills with new inspirations; sometimes by a spiritual moment or the urge to assemble pieces of stones or metal and or found objects that have a meaning to me.” These jewelry pieces at times depict a story or just serve as an aesthetic piece of work.


Beaded Geisha and Mermaid
Silvia Ledezma
Beads, metal
2"x2" $50
Pearl, Shells, Wire Earrings
Silvia Ledezma
Beads, Precious Stones
2"x0.025" $60
Explosion of Life
Silvia Ledezma
Monotype / Monoprint
22"x30" $2200
Quartz and Copper Wire Ring
Silvia Ledezma
Precious Stones
2"x1" $56
Framed Kitten Earrings
Silvia Ledezma
1"x1" $55
Black and White Photo Earrings
Silvia Ledezma
Other Jewelry, metal
1"x1" $55
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