Emmett McCuiston initiated (1980) aesthetic learning at Columbia College in MO., where his interest in painting was influenced by the Regionalism scene paintings of Thomas Hart Benton, and Grant Woods toward marginal mural forms. Studying within Jones International Universities core program (2012) where a resolution of Secondary Education Curriculum, Evaluation, and Assessment instigated his authorship of Headland Landscape, published by Xlibris Corporation. Headland Landscape painted panels were constructed towards a Baccalaureate of Art outcome, within a studio emphasis at Sonoma State University. Constructionist learning strategies assimilate the artist\'s procedural knowledge processes to formulate oil upon canvas. The National coastal seashore, from which the 3 painted HEADLAND LANDSCAPE panels were abstracted, employs a landscape and ecosystem that regionally differ from nearby landscapes and ecosystems within central California, according to the (NPCA) National Parks Conservation Association. With a high rate of endemic species that are found nowhere else. Where significant restoration projects are engaged that have removed invasive non-native plants, and reintroduced endangered plants. Also, scientific predictions predict that the Pt. Reyes climate compared with that of the globe will receive increased rainfall, more intense and frequent than El Ninon events with a rise in sea surface temperature. With a projected sea level rise of 18.9\" to 36 inches by 2100, that will result in shore line erosion, and developing detrimental effects upon species that depend upon the inter-tidal zone to threaten cultural resources and infrastructure.


Headland Landscape
Emmett McCuiston
11"x8.5" $21.95
Headland Landscape Panel #3
Emmett McCuiston
Giclee, Mixed Media
24"x36" $450
Mama\'s House
Emmett McCuiston
Collage, Digital Prints, Oil
20"x26" $450
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