DOCDOC is the name of a small group of two German artists: Dr. Hans D. Baumann (better known as Doc Baumann) and Dr. Ruth Marcus. Doc Baumann is an art scientist, he started in 1984 working with digital images and compositings and is the leading Photoshop-expert in Germany and publisher of the magazine DOCMA. Dr. Ruth Marcus startet as a doctor, later she worked as a photographer and journalist. During the last years she became known as a photographer of animals by exhibitions, portfolios in magazines and book-publications of her images. The name DOCDOC unites the academic degrees of the two artists. During their common work they created the concept of the project „Doguments of Art and History“:Quotations of scenes of history and art, ironically broken, at the borderline between recognizing and alienation– based on cultural conventions and knowledge, but questioning them at the same time.2035


The dog of the Stretch Limosine Producer
Ruth and Doc Marcus
39.5"x59.5" $4500
The Dog of the Gallerist
Ruth and Doc Marcus
Mosaic, Color
13.5"x17.5" $1650
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