Joanie Mitchell was born in Ohio and educated in New York and London.  She has had a traveler’s life and as she went about, she drew the world. She writes of her art ‘I was the master of the quick sketch and with a few lines I captured the markets and temples of India, Balinese ceremonies, the rainforest of Hawaii and Peru.  And when I came to long for color, I found the art of batik painting. I found batik, or batik found me.  It was in a little Balinese guesthouse that I first saw the dye spreading to meet the golden lines of wax, and I was determined to learn all about it.  I started to study in Java with Umar Hassidin in the batik city of Solo, Java, and continued my work at the studio of master batik painter, Ketut Sujana in Ubud, Bali.  For fifteen years I have created batik in Ketut’s studio. I also made oil paintings and continued to follow my original passion for line drawing. Joanie has exhibited in Bali, Hawaii and Northern California and her work has appeared in magazines and books, including several collections of drawings and writing for the SEVA Foundation.


Occupy Interfaith
Joanie Mitchell
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Horse in Waves
Joanie Mitchell
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