California Cactus
Art by Roberta Loach
California Cactus by Roberta Loach
Tags:pinks, greens, natural forms in cactus, deep orange on the pot, satire, beauty of nature. drama provided in deep crack from quake. Very decorative,but with a serious note.

Available as Giclee only. This image if from an acrylic painting done shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake here in northern California a few years ago. The pot did sit on my patio, and though the crack widened a little, I used artistic license to embellish the scene. I thought the beauty in the pinks and greens of the cactus were in marked contrast to the earthquake which did serious damage elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Price for giclee print includes shipping and all other costs.

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Title: California Cactus
Artist: Roberta Loach
Type: Printmaking
Medium: Giclee
giclee from painting, On Archival Paper, Originals
Size: 20" x14"